EUROPE: In 1994 I took a month-long trip to Europe. I traveled by various means including walking, train, ferry, and mostly hitch-hiking. This is a list the places I visited (in order). I arived in London (Gatwick) via plane from Houston and, after getting a hotel for the first night, took a train to Chatham. From Chatham I immediately set out for Canterbury on foot (what a walk). England London Chatham Canterbury Dover (from Dover I took a ferry to France) France Calais (This is where I began hitch-hiking) Paris Italy Venice Florence Rome Turino Asti Switzerland Geneva Tolochenaz Belgium Brussels Brugges Oostende England London Salisbury (Stonehenge) Oxford (just passing thru) Stratford-on-Avon London Gatwick (back to Houston)
ASIA: In 1996 I took a 6 month trip to Asia. I arrived in Hong Kong and stayed in Kowloon at the Chunkking Mansions. After attaining my visa for Mainland China I took a hovercraft into the small forgetable town Wuzou, China (This took 14 hours). From here immmediately boarded a bus for Yangshuo (11 hours). I arrived at 5 A.M outside a small hotel, aquired a room and slept for an entire two hours before setting out to explore the town (jet lag is rough). Anyway, without further adieu here is my itenerary: U.S.A Nacogdoches to Houston (Via a group of close friends, farewell to friends) Houston to L.A. L.A. to Hong Kong China: Hong Kong Wuzhou Yangshuo (Beautiful Scenery, Serena's Bar, Fellow Travelers) Guilin (First Train Ride- 36 Hours) Xian (The Terracotta Warriors) Beijing (camped on the Great Wall at Simitai) Shanghai (50 Hour Hard Seat Train Ride to Chengdu---Ouch!) Chengdu (Sichuan Food- Excellent!) Dali (Lake Erhai) Lijiang (Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek With Young British Travelers) Chengdu Emeishan (Birthday Party for Chinese Friend, Anna) Chengdu (Begin Traveling with Japanese Friend, Yoshimi) Lanzhou (Yellow River) Xining Golmud (here I boarded a bus- illegaly- into Tibet, Grueling 36 hour bus ride, had Altitude Sickness, Dysentary, Terrible Headache, and High Fever, but I lived.) Tibet (technically China) Lhasa (Potola Palace) Shigatse Gyantse Shigatse (Yoshimi, new chinese artist friend-Sun Sheng, and I began hitch-hiking to Kathamndu, Nepal) Nepal Kathmandu (for an entire month...nice. Rented apartment for $36 USD a month. Many new friends, Sonam's Cafe) India Varanasi (Banares) (Holy Hindu City- Ganges River- Burning of the Bodies) Agra (Taj Mahal) New Delhi (Worst Place I Visited) Dharamsala (Shook Hands With the Dalai Lama)(Parting With Yoshimi) New Delhi (Still the Worst Place) Rajasthan (India): Jaipur Pushkar (Holy Hindu City) Jaisalmer (Desert- Camel Safari) Udaipur (Where James Bond Film, Octopussy, Was Filmed) Bombay Calcutta (here I caught a plane back to Hong Kong) Thailand Bangkok (brief stopover at airport,switched planes) Hong Kong (Backpack lost in transit---!) Back to L.A L.A to Houston (After two days in Houston hotel my Backpack is returned) Back Home (By Bus)