Hail fellow traveler! Recently, I have begun creating sketches (cartoons rather)
of various characters in the world of Brittania. Each of these pictures is 
a rendering of someone I have met within the game: Ultima Online, where I play
on the Europa shard. All of the images are of members of the ERPA (European Role-
Players Association) and most are members of the player run town of Deepwater.

 If you are interested in these pictures and perhaps wish one for yourself, please 
contact me. My E-mail address is joelwh@lcc.net, and my ICQ number is  7738988.
I have also created a forum which I hope to use for Role-playing discussions, ideas, 
and as a place for you to critique my pictures. I welcome any comments regarding
these images, whether they are positive or negative.

 The pictures of Percy Bandello and Slab Vethiq are based on two of my characters.
All others are friends or people I have met within the game. I have had two requests
thus far, which I was quite happy to fulfill.  

 All pictures were created using Paint, and enhanced using Paint Shop Pro. The Buttons
on the opening page were created with Paint Shop Pro. Ultima Online is a trademark of
Origin Systems.

   I hope you enjoy your stay.

                                      Your Host,
                                           Percy Bandello (Better known as Joel Hardin)