Hail I have long been interested in Heraldry, and decided create some crests for
Deepwater. I am not responsible for the artwork found within each sheild (I only
wish I were), though I am responsible for putting the images together and for 
coloring most of them. The artwork found on the sheilds was taken from free clip
 art sites and adapted for use on the sheilds. I found a very nice heraldry 
pattern (containing about 12 blank sheilds) on a page dedicated to Heraldry, and 
saved it to practice on. I modified it and I have included the modified pattern 
on this page for your use, if you like. The images were made using PaintShopPro5, 
an excellent paint program. 

 The only image which is actually mine is the needle and thread found on the Tailor
Guild Crest. Perhaps I will eventually create my own images for these,
though right now I haven't the time. These Crests do not follow the exact rules
of Heraldry, but this is Britannia, a fantasy world. Anything goes, right?  *smile*

 I hope you enjoy.   

 Heraldric Crest of Deepwater 

Guilds of Deepwater (Page One)

Guilds of Deepwater (Page Two)

Guilds of Deepwater (Page Three) Heraldry Pattern

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